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Breakout In-Studio Experience is a highly personalized in-studio option providing live critiques, a master class, Judge Q&A and more. Our top priority is to make this a great experience for everyone involved, so we will be happy to work with you to ensure all of your dancers are taken care of. We know how important it is for the dancers who are missing their competition to have something to work towards when they get back in the studio. For studios attending Nationals, this is a great opportunity to get your routines critiqued and stage-ready. Let us bring the Breakout Movement to YOU!


> Dancers will perform each of their routines for a judge and receive an immediate personal live critique.

> Various Outstanding Group & Solo Awards will be presented upon completion of all routines.

> Masterclass tailored to your studio.

> Judge Q & A with varying topics.

> Each dancer receives a 2020 Tour pin.

> Studios will receive a 25% commission on all pre-ordered merchandise sales.

> Judge will have a 30 minute sit-down with studio director to provide personalized studio feedback.


Do I have to wait for you to postpone or reschedule the event that we are registered for, to schedule this option?

No, you do not have to wait for the event to be postponed or rescheduled. If this is the option you choose then we can schedule your Breakout In-Studio Experience at your convenience once your remaining balance is paid in full.


Would our entries still be eligible to Nationals if we choose this option?

Yes, your entries would still be eligible for Nationals.


Will my students be able to receive adjudications in addition to their live critique?

Absolutely! If you choose to receive adjudications for each routine, we can include a mini awards ceremony in your package. In this case, all dancers in a group will receive their adjudication pin. Similar to our regional events, solos & duos/trios will receive medals. Outstanding Group & Solo Awards will also be given out. Your studio will receive a custom studio plaque listing each group dance that participated. Because our intent is not to have your dancers competing against each other, our awards will all be tailored to what your studio does best. For example: if you’re a strong tap studio demonstrating clean and precise technique, you may receive the “precision award in tap”. Studios also have the option to opt out of receiving trophies, pins, etc.


How long will this Experience last? 

The length of your Breakout In-Studio Experience will be dependent on a few factors: the space of your studio (one room vs two rooms), number of registered entries, number of students, level and age of students, and your entry fee amount. This is one of the exciting benefits of having each Breakout In-Studio Experience customized to fit your studio and dancer’s needs. 


What kind of master class is included?

Whatever genre fits your studio! Part of your customized package includes a master class in the style of your choice. Upon booking, we will hand select a Judge who is skilled in that style to ensure the best experience and relates to your dancers. 


Are there any additional incentives to scheduling a Breakout In-Studio Experience? 

Yes, each of your dancers will have the opportunity to work exclusively with one of our Industry Professional Judges in the comfort of your studio. By participating in the experience, each dancer will receive our 2020 Souvenir Tour Pin. We will also be providing your studio with the option to do a pre-order of competition merchandise. 

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