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About Us

What is Breakout?

An Unforgettable Experience

Breakout Dance Competition is an innovative company that strives to provide a memorable experience for all performers, studio owners, directors, families, and friends.

We are focused on transcending and “Breaking Out” of the traditional mold to ultimately create a unique, unforgettable and positive experience.

Each event ensures an opportunity for dancers to showcase their talents on a stage that inspires and ignites their desire to perform; state of the art dance floor, intelligent stage lighting, and overall, a cutting edge production value.

A fair and professional judging panel, with extensive teaching experience, will provide constructive and encouraging critiques with the goal of promoting each dancer’s growth and confidence.

Lifetime Relationships With Our Guests

We are committed to offering complete accessibility to Breakout directors, and our courteous, friendly and helpful team members to facilitate our goal in developing and maintaining lifetime relationships with our guests.

Our goal is to promote an “all inclusive” event in which performers, studio owners, directors, families, and friends will enjoy the ultimate experience that our company commits to offer.

As studio owners, professional performers, choreographers and teachers ourselves, we have high expectations of the competitions we attend.

We promise to do our best to uphold, if not exceed, that standard for Breakout.

We are committed to running organized, timely and fair events.

Low In Stress, High In Fun

The company is family owned and for that reason, it is fundamentally focused on providing an opportunity to experience life lessons through healthy competition in a constructive environment.

We understand that with a performers lifestyle, the commitment and time devoted is extensive for everyone involved.

Therefore, we take pride in offering an experience that is low in stress, high in fun and allows you to sit back and enjoy!

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